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Review: Morbid Tales Fanzine
Zine Review
Morbid Tales Fanzine
Author: Satannick & Black Metal Jo
Issue #: #2 - Summer 2005
Year published: 2005


Postal address:

Morbid Tales
c/o Annick Giroux
1115 Cholette Crescent
Orleans, Ontario
K1C 1T4
Price: 50 cents + Shipping

Review online: July 31, 2005
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Morbid Tales Fanzine

Rated 5/5 (100%) (1 Vote)

Our two Ottawa-area metalheads are already back with a new issue of Morbid Tales, just in time for the beer season. "Already" as in "most fanzines are published once or twice a year". This one has a few more pages than #1, mostly to give space for more interviews. The cover art is once again pretty cool, with the names of the bands interviewed written on a tombstone surrounded by a bunch of skulls and some more sombre-looking tombstones and trees around. The Canadian Parliament is once again in the background, a little less visible this time around.

Our two protagonists introduce themselves in the first couple of pages and then it's on to interviews with: Anvil, Tinieblas (Venezuela), Witches Hammer, Aggression, Toxic Holocaust, Watain, Cloven Hoof and Rammer. Again the reviews are split into two sections: One by Annick and one by Black Metal Jo. They are so enthusiastic and articulate about the stuff they like (which is pretty much what they review), that I would be very curious to read a few reviews about stuff they hate in an upcoming issue (hint, hint.) That could be very entertaining! :)

There is a two page section on Montreal record shops, and I'm very glad I don't go to Montreal as often as I once did or this could cost me dearly. Once again there's a few stores listed there that I've never been to, and from the description of what they stock, I could hurt my credit card pretty bad if I were to stop by.

Some of the reviews unfortunately have pretty short answers, especially Toxic Holocaust (after reading that, I don't think I'll bother interviewing that guy - I'd most likely spend more time writing the questions than he would writing the answers...) Anvil is a bit on the short side too, but not nearly as bad. Others make up for it though, such as Aggression (that's the cult Montreal band from the 80s, by the way), Watain, and Cloven Hoof (amazing - very short questions, very long answers! The interviewee is quite talkative.) The Rammer interview is also quite informative.

The zine is in the same format as the first issue - 8.5x11 inches sheets folded in two, and the same old school cut and paste format is preserved and even improved I'd say - quite a few drawings, pictures, show posters and what have you all blended together. You can end up spending quite a bit of time just looking at all the details on each page. I'd never have the patience to do something like this! The René "Mad Butcher" Simard pic on page two almost made me spill my beer (hmmm... yeah, not everyone will get that, but whatever... :)

If you liked #1, you'll also like this one. Alright, so when's #3 coming? (Keeping up the pressure. :)) Contact Annick for exact cost for shipping to your location.

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