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Review: Vomination - Yog-Sothoth

Label: Independent
Year released: 2005
Duration: 10:53
Tracks: 3
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: August 18, 2005
Reviewed by: Chaossphere
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Rated 3/5 (60%) (1 Vote)

Well, this is certainly a disgusting breath of fresh fetid corpse-breath. This demo showed up in my mailbox out of the blue and proceeded to decimate my mind with its virulent mixture of brutal death metal violence and grinding insanity. Vomination effectively balance classic Swedish death (think Grave and Dismember here) with an unhealthy dose of modern elements – the vocals alternate between intelligible grunting and a sick, twisted gurgle which mangles all trace of words into a mess of blood-curdling filth. Riffwise, they inject a fair portion of dark melody into proceedings, but there's also a good deal of atonal crushfuckery which will kill you dead. So overall, it's not excessively brutal and certainly never wimpy. Which is exactly how it should be.

Meanwhile, the production here is fucking awesome, with exceptionally thick guitars and a punishing drum sound assaulting your senses. The only problem is, it's too bloody short! A mere 11 minutes is all you get before the fun ends. Ah well, I guess that's what the repeat button is for. The entire demo is available for download from their website, so go get it and then send them money for a proper copy so you get a nifty pink CD-R and cult-as-fuck Xeroxed red insert to make it even better, and they can hurry up and finance a full CD of this awesomeness.

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