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Classic Review: Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath
Mercyful Fate
Don't Break The Oath

Label: Roadrunner Records
Year released: 1984
Duration: 43:11
Tracks: 9
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: September 27, 2005
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Don't Break The Oath

Rated 4.86/5 (97.18%) (71 Votes)

DON'T BREAK THE FUCKING OATH BEEYOTCH! I mean, what else do I have to fucking say than: Mercyful Motherfucking Fate. The Uber-band. The blackest of the black, the original evil band of Satan's metal minions. King may have become a sort of self-parody in later years, and the 'reunion' albums were pretty much a joke. But this is the second masterpiece from Mercyful Fate, back when they still meant this shit. When King Diamond chanted "I deny Jesus Christ, the deceiver/And I abjure the Christian faith/Holding in contempt all of its works." He wasn't fucking kidding. Venom played with satanic imagery to sell albums, but MF were the real deal. Oh yeah, there are a ton of bands into that now, but this was frigging 1984. Nobody had ever heard anything like this before.

This was more slickly produced than 1983's "Melissa", which I both like and dislike. One you lose some of the cool 'underground' feel, but on the other hand this album sounds much better, so it's a trade-off. What is not in dispute is that some of the greatest metal riffs ever are on this CD. There is not a single song on here I skip, from the classic "A Dangerous Meeting", through the killer "Nightmare", to album highlight "Desecration Of Souls". But then you get the wailing attack of "Night Of The Unborn", and the monolithic evil fucking masterpiece "The Oath", and don't even get me going on the awesome, head-pounding ownage of "Come To The Sabbath". Shit yeah. King doesn't use his upper ranges exclusively on this disc, which is something else I like about the old MF albums, as he sounds better when he uses more variety.

Mercyful Fate are one of those bands you keep rediscovering. You'll put the albums away, get into other stuff, and their awesomeness will kind of pale in your memory. And then one day you break out "Don't Break The Oath" and you're like oh holy shit I forgot! And you're owned all over again. This album is just essential, bitches, no way around it. COME COME TO THE MOTHERFUCKING SABBATH!

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