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Review: Leviathan - Tentacles of Whorror
Tentacles of Whorror

Label: Moribund Records
Year released: 2004
Duration: 72:20
Tracks: 12
Genre: Black Metal


Review online: November 12, 2005
Reviewed by: Ktb
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Rated 3.21/5 (64.14%) (29 Votes)

2003's 'The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide' pretty much redefined suicidal and depressive black metal. Even though coming from the USBM scene, every listener was impressed by how depressive and dark the album was. After releasing around 15 demos, Wrest finally released an album which was hailed as a masterpiece by most people who listen to black metal. Then people wondered how 'Tentacles of Whorror' would sound, seing as it would be released about a year after the full-length debut. Would it keep being depressive and suicidal the way people liked it, or would it go on a different path, with a more straightforward hyper-fast black metal?

It sure is different from the debut. Only a few seconds into the first track, the listener immediately realizes that the dark, brooding atmospheres are still intact, but the sound and the riffs are more straightforward. Minimalistic, groove-ridden tracks lead during most of the album, but the horror ambient tracks really shine out on this one. Freaky sounds come out of nowhere, hurling the listener in a void of absolute darkness and mystery. The last track, 'The History of Rape', does that exactly with scary atmosphere, weird sounds and the likes.

I'll remember this album more for its ambient tracks - unlike the 2003 debut which was much more depressive and suicidal, I'd say this release focuses more on darker sounds and atmospheres, while throwing in some minimalistic black metal which most people should like. Hearing this without hearing the debut would make the listener think it's awesome, but compared to the debut, it's pretty average.

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