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Review: The Wizar’d - Follow the Wizard
The Wizar’d
Follow the Wizard

Label: Rusty Axe Records
Year released: 2006
Duration: 29:27
Tracks: 5
Genre: Doom Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: October 4, 2006
Reviewed by: Ulysses
Readers Rating
Follow the Wizard

Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (5 Votes)

This EP, gentlemen, is the best Doom release I've heard so far for 2006 (and perhaps the best EP I've ever heard in my life!) These crafty fellows from Australia play Doom in such an interesting style that although you can still trace the usual Black Sabbath/Saint Vitus/Candlemass influence, they still manage to end up incredibly entertaining, revolutionary and unexpectedly original. This band is to Doom what "Inquisition" is to Black Metal. This EP is no mere 15 minute listen though, it nearly clocks at 30 minutes (Hell, even Immortal full lengths are that long!).

Enough with the Black Metal references in this thread, let's get on with the crushing DOOM presented by The Wizar'd (Odd name too – How would you pronounce that? The Wizar-duh?). The EP begins with "The Devil In The Woods", which starts off with a recording from this old movie I seem to recognize… but can't quite put my finder on it. After that, some sluggish bass notes crawl out onto the surface, which are then accompanied by slow, crushing riffs. Everything is revealed step after step in this track, from bass to drums to guitar to the vocals. The vocalist on this EP, (under the moniker Ol' Rusty Vintage Wizard Master) has perhaps some of the most effective Doom-vocals I've ever heard. He's sort of a weird mixture between Eddie Marcolin of Candlemass and Morris Ingram of Solstice, but he sings at a much slower pace to accompany the devastatingly slow doom riffs. The leads in the first track are also deviously clever, ringing in your head for days. The next track, an odd acoustic instrumental named "The Goblin Washes His Feet" is nothing more than a fun one minute interlude until you reach the third track entitled "Life Eternal". The EP maintains the same formula throughout, without becoming monotonous and always introducing some crushing new riffs, slothful drum beats and echoing bass lines.

Follow The Wizard then concludes with "Funeral Circle", which is no less as excellent than the rest of the album. Everytime I finish this EP, I'm always craving for more Wizar'd, but I guess I'll have to wait a while! This is truly an amazing release, if this were a full-length I'd undoubtedly award it that extra "+".

Highly recommended, buy it if you see it!!

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