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Classic Review: Sigh - Scorn Defeat
Scorn Defeat

Label: Deathlike Silence Productions
Year released: 1993
Duration: 43:08
Tracks: 7
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: October 5, 2006
Reviewed by: Ulysses
Readers Rating
Scorn Defeat

Rated 4.69/5 (93.75%) (32 Votes)

Sigh's "Scorn Defeat" is absolutely one of Black Metal's utmost best albums, yet it also happens to be one of the most esoteric and bizarre releases ever to come out of Japan, or any other country for that matter! Sigh back in these days played a breed of Black Metal that descended from the usual inspiration of Venom, Bathory, and Celtic Frost. What makes this an obscure release is that I would perhaps go as far as saying that Sigh drew a lot from other genres of music to create an album that was not only dark and hard-hitting, but also very atmospheric. Using keyboards in the background to create an almost Progressive Rock feel, it gives the music a lot more sophistication and makes it very interesting to listen to.

Another one of the more enjoyable parts of the album lies within the superb piano work, which I think was used well and created a varied set of moods in the songs. One of the best examples of this is in the song "Gundali", which begins with eerie vocals and bombastic organ melodies to create a chilling mood, only for it to be swept away by touching piano work. Another good song that demonstrates this is "Ready for the Final War", which also has inspirational and calming piano melodies.

This album isn't full of them however. What really makes this sound out is the raw riffing and hissed vocals, which gives it a very raw Black Metal edge. What's amazing is how it is compatible with all the effects used in this album; it just enriches the music as a whole. Also, take note of the drumming, which is rather excellent and full of catchy beats, especially in the song "At My Funeral".

So, is this the best Black Metal album ever made? Almost, I'd say. The only problem I have with this is that I think they could've managed to slip maybe a song or two more into this album – Maybe an additional piano instrumental (heh!). This may not be THE best, but certainly is ONE of the best! An instant classic, and must be owned by all fans of odd Black Metal, or odd Metal in general! Very highly recommended.

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