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Review: Old - Down With The Nails
Down With The Nails

Label: Tyrant Syndicate Productions
Year released: 2006
Duration: 34:16
Tracks: 9
Genre: Black/Thrash


Review online: November 21, 2006
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
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Rated 3.2/5 (64%) (10 Votes)

Fucking hell!! I nearly shat myself within the opening 30 seconds of this album. I almost thought it was a lost Obituary album from the 80's. The guitar tone's there, drum rhythms - the lot. However, thankfully my sphincter contracted before excrement touched linen once the vocals came in. Immediately you realize why Old are truly so revered by Tyrant Syndicate label owner Nocturno Culto himself, as they are the almost identical twin of latter day Darkthrone (quite which is the evil one out of the two though, the jury's still out). Yes, thrashy jagged riffs are intertwined with the rock and roll sensibilities of the very first wave of black metal, not that dissimilar to the wares peddled by Old's label-mates Aura Noir. All this has an overall overwhelming stench of old school Celtic Frost and Venom mixed in to the brew, which should only leave the densest of black-holed brains out there questioning why the band are named Old.

Opener, "Black Jewel Throne" (notice the nod to Celtic Frost there folks?) starts as the album means to go on, with snappy punky riffs hitting the nail directly on the head, undeviating on the same path throughout the whole album of 9 short but to the point songs. The album exudes energy and aggression, and is packed with the oldest of old school attitudes in all musical respects, with no compromises or excuses made. In fact, the only thing that I can see people regarding as a down point here is that the snarling vocals, belligerent guitar-work and pounding drums have all been heard somewhere before, but this isn't a fucking originality contest. It managed to get my neck snapping like "Morbid Tales" was only released yesterday, so I'm sure it'll appeal to a fair bunch of you out there too. If it doesn't? Well, Old couldn't give a fuck, and come to think of it, neither could I. Grrrrr!

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