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Review: Nightwish - November 2000 shows in Montreal, Canada
November 2000 shows in Montreal, Canada
Venue: Le Medley
City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Show date: November 26, 2000
Guests: Hypnos, Transcendence, Forgotten Tales (Nov.25) / Silent Exile, Forgotten Tales, Hanker (Nov. 26)

Rating: 5/5

Review online: November 28, 2000
Reviewed by: Pierre B├ęgin
Readers Rating
November 2000 shows in Montreal, Canada

Rated 4.5/5 (90%) (8 Votes)

Here are my impressions of the Nightwish show with Hanker, Forgotten Tales and Silent Exile on Sunday, November 26, 2000 at Le Medley in Montreal. This was their second night in Montreal, the night before the show was sold out!

The show starts with Silent Exile, a progressive metal band from Ste-Julie, Quebec. The band is at home on stage and the singer is good at communicating with the crowd. Their songs are very long and very progressive. They got good feedback from the crowd.

Then comes Forgotten Tales, a new power metal band from Quebec City, kicking off with a cover of Until We Raise Again by Edguy. The band plays a lot of covers of European power metal bands such as Rhapsody, Edguy, Labyrinth, as well as some of their own compositions. They got an excellent feedback from the crowd. The band played a great set and female singer Sonia knows how to communicate with the public.

The next band is Hanker! The band gets on stage with a background intro and we can already feel the tension! Already, without a single note played, we can hear a lot of Hanker fans eager to see their favorite band! The band starts with Ad Patres, followed by The Pardoner. They continue with more song from their new album, Snakes and Ladders. They only played one song from The Dead Ringer (You Won't Live Eternally) and from In Our World (Disturbing the Brain), since they are limited in playing time. The band is in top shape and the crowd reacts loudly. Pascal, with many years of experience under his belt, knows how to make the crowd react. They finish their set with their hymn to their fans, Hail to You, and with the epic The Eternal Struggle. Hanker got a great reception from the Montreal public.

And now, the Finnish stars, Nightwish! I didn't know this band much before the show. I was very impressed by their on-stage performance. They like to play and they are very tight. They played for nearly two hours. What a great vocal performance from Tarja who has no difficulty hitting the highest notes in their repertoire! The kind of note that would give me a voice extinction after one song! :)I didn't have any Nightwish CD before the show, something I took care of right after the show! :)

One thing to remember from that night is that we got a great performance from four bands. Those are all excellent musicians playing quality music.

I also went to Nightwish's autograph session at HMV in Quebec City, and I can assure you that all the band members are very friendly. There were a lot of people and they took the time to sign and have their fans take some pictures. They are very generous towards their fans, and the fans appreciate it.

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- This review covers the November 26 show.

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