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Review: V.E.G.A. - Cocaine

Label: Debemur Morti Records
Year released: 2002
Duration: 55:52
Tracks: 11
Genre: Black Metal


Review online: January 22, 2007
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
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When seeing this CD advertised, I was immediately intrigued to hear what the music would sound like, not just for the influences the band give on their website (such as Emperor, Manes and Dødheimsgard), but for the fact that the cover artwork and album titled drew me in, looking simultaneously drug addled and psychotically threatening. However, I was surprised to read in the band's biography that the album title is not an ode to the white powder at all; instead the given reason it is titled 'Cocaine' is due to the fact that the music has a similar 'rush' effect to the drug on the listener, or that of a bad trip, which I can certainly imagine with its tripped out harrowing and haunting passages. That said, it does sound like the album has certainly been created under the drugs' influence, in a similar way that Aborym's 'With No Human Intervention' album did, complete with the moments of pounding digital beats and futuristic atmospheres.

Opening with 'Lilja', a shrill digital noise segues into first song, which truly erupts from the speakers, sounding like a cross between Anaal Nathrakh and late period Emperor. Blast beats and frenetic guitar-work is met with throat shredding vocal work for the best part of the album, although in stark contrast comes slower, more menacing tracks such as 'Beton #2', which builds slowly like a hulking creature stalking its prey, before lapsing into an moment of ear-ringing zoned-out grandeur, prior to changing direction yet again as it moves into the following track 'Kill Me' which really pushes the listeners senses to the extreme with an plethora of sounds bombarding the mind like air particles perpetually hitting the skin.

You need to pick up this album, plainly because albums of this nature (that being obscure, unique, as well as of a very high quality with a different concept) rarely come into fruition.

Additional Information

Album reissued in 2006.

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