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Review: Putrefy - Putrefy

Label: Redrum Records
Year released: 2006
Duration: 42:24
Tracks: 13
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: March 24, 2007
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
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Rated 2.27/5 (45.45%) (11 Votes)

Putrefy are on Will Rahmer's Red Rum records label, which should give you a clear idea of what they're going to sound like before the review's even begun. Yeah, they sound like Mortician. That said, they have a slightly more technical edge than the brutal churn of Mortician, and most of the bands on the label for that matter, while still managing to sitting comfortably with the 'gore movie clip intro, sloooow heavy guitar part, insanely fast guitar part, sudden ending' cycle for the most part.

That said, the slightly more technical guitar is certainly helped by the production which has a nice clear crunch on the tone allowing each note to be heard clearly. However, it is still very much lowest common denominator death metal apart from these more technical flourishes, and doesn't do much to set my interest alight. Vocally it's as extreme as it gets, unintelligible rottweiler vocals stretching your subwoofers to near breaking point with gory lyrics about lopping off limbs and vomiting of internal organs… sigh. Of course, you can't hear a word of this without checking out the lyrics, but in all honesty – why would you want to? Even the Jon Zig artwork isn't up to its usual standards. You know, I can actually write an example of one of their songs without you actually having to check them out sonically…

Start. Opening sample from classic gore film 'xyz'. Dunn… dun… dunnnnn dunn dunn dunnnn… (fuzz fuzz fuzz) tap.. tap.. taptaptaptap (Urrgh urrr urrr urr URRRRRRRGH) (clatter clatter clicky clicky clickety) (BRRRRRRRRRR) (Oooaahahhwwahahahwaheeoooeieeeiioooo). Dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN. End

So now you know. I've had my fill of brutality from Mortician when it comes to death metal, no one will ever top that without it turning into pure grind, simple as that. Tired death metal from the well worn gore/death genre.

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