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Review: Morgana Lefay - Aberrations Of The Mind
Morgana Lefay
Aberrations Of The Mind

Label: Black Mark Productions
Year released: 2007
Duration: 51:00
Tracks: 12
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: June 12, 2007
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
Readers Rating
Aberrations Of The Mind

Rated 4/5 (80%) (10 Votes)

With 2005's "Grand Materia" still not worn off, the Swedes from Bollnas return with "Aberrations Of The Mind". A less doomy, more thrashy, more melodic incarnation of the Morgana Lefay sound.

There are a few things with "Aberrations…" that don't sit too well with me, and perhaps long time ML fans will find the same annoyances. First of all, that heavy "modern" guitar tone that so many bands are using these days is too predominant on this album and that's something I'm beginning to hate. We are also graced with some pretty lame background vocals that don't complement the genius and originality of this band at all. Rytkonen's vocals are as strong as ever and he doesn't need half-thrash Pantera style growls to support his voice – which is what we get here. If there's anybody in metal that can be extreme and sound completely psychotic without having to resort to growls, it is Rytkonen. I find this inclusion pretty disappointing; especially when they are done this poorly. The good news however, is that these are few and far apart, but definitely enough for me to whine about.

Overall though, "Aberrations of The Mind" is a worthy successor to "Grand Materia". It does not feature the sheer ass-kickery of previous greats like "To Isengaard", "Crimson King" or even live favourites like "Maleficium"; but it is a very consistent album with the worst track on here still being pretty good. The melodies are even deeper this time around and the riffs are very thrashy (albeit with the modern guitar tone) while the overall sound and atmosphere is evil, deranged and dark. Perhaps the "psychotic" aspect of their sound has been intensified more than ever; and rightfully so, given the concept of the album. Bizarre theatricality also hits a climax here. The title cut for example, is an unbelievably bizarre song and is the most extreme and unfriendly one that the band has ever done. It's also strangely one of the best.

With big, massive tracks like "Depression", "Rush Of Possession" or "Reflections of War" it is more than obvious that there's still a lot of firepower left in the MG stockpile. But many of their older albums would get my higher recommendation than this one. Morgana Lefay has so many great albums, "Aberrations…" had huge shoes to fill and it does that just fine.

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