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Review: Scholomance - The Immortality Murder
The Immortality Murder

Label: The End Records
Year released: 2002
Duration: 110:04
Tracks: 20
Genre: Progressive Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: December 5, 2001
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating
The Immortality Murder

Rated 3.5/5 (70%) (2 Votes)

When the promo material claimed there really is no other band quite like Scholomance I was quite skeptical but after listening to this I have to fully agree with that statement. This is definitely like nothing else I have ever heard and I have to admit I was more than just a little impressed.

The band hails from Australia and this is their second full-length album. What really strikes me about this album is the completely over the top amount of talent these musicians have. This is more than just simply being extremely well played the songwriting and structure is just unreal. There is nothing on this album that could even slightly be considered ordinary. The style of music is really hard to describe. There are parts here that remind me a lot of progressive and other parts that remind me of black but either way this is just some really intense music. There are a lot of keyboards on this album but done in a way that never gets annoying. The keyboards are mainly all grand pianos and with the classical style in which they are done it really showcases the ability of the guys in the band.

Now having raved about the keyboard work some of you may be thinking to pass strictly on that but if you do you will be making a big mistake. This isn't pointless keyboard "wankering"; this is all part of the overall sound. Yes the keyboards play a prominent role but the guitars and drums are equally impressive and you would be hard pressed to say this is just too much over the top keyboard music. The guitars have excellent riffs all over the album and the drums are incredibly well played when you consider the difficulty shown in the song structure. The vocals are black metal in sound and intensity and this is my only complaint of the album (although a very minor complaint). Sometimes I feel as though the vocals don't fit very well but the more I listen to it the better it starts to sound so if given a little more time this complaint could fade rather quickly.

Another bonus of this release is the inclusion of the second disc, which has all the tracks of the first disc but strictly instrumental versions of them. It also includes seven grand piano improves that further shows the incredible talent.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I think anyone with an open mind will as well. Highly Recommended.

Additional Information

-Duration: 50:17 (Disc 1)/59:47 (Disc 2)
-Tracks: 8 (Disc 1)/12 (Disc 2)

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