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Review: Drautran - Throne of the Depths
Throne of the Depths

Label: Lupus Lounge
Year released: 2007
Duration: 50:41
Tracks: 9
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: November 22, 2007
Reviewed by: Pagan Shadow
Readers Rating
Throne of the Depths

Rated 3.78/5 (75.56%) (9 Votes)

Take a look at the cover art for a second. Well, that's what you'd feel in the first seconds of playing Throne of the Depths. Underwater sounds with bubbles, dark electronics, nice clean guitar arpeggios echoing and something like a whale or large animal. Whispers and acoustic riffs follow and calmly introduce what's coming: the storm!

Drautran made a reputation for themselves after their 1999 debut self-release, Unter Dem Banner der Nordwinde, which became a landmark of stormy Nordic metal. Eight years later, Drautran is tempesting once again with a work of epic and intense stormy Black Metal, including some nice elements of Pagan and Folk. On one hand, you have a massive wave of symphonic keyboards, distorted guitars and pummeling drums forming fast and tempestuous Black Metal and on the other, calm tides of more melodic and ambient passages crafted by floating acoustic guitars and keyboards. Even if the production gets muddy in the hectic parts, it's as clear as spring water in the calmer moments, in order to appreciate to the fullest that great guitar work and ambient key passages. There's something in the music hailing from Germany that sets it apart from the rest, making it one of the most enjoyable underground realm, especially in the Black Metal as well as the wealthy Folk/Pagan and Viking spheres.

Numerous great compositions including: Zum Haff Hinaus..., Gebaren des Sterbens in Klanglosen Sphärenm Sævar Niör and Dusk of the Fimbulwinter.

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