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Review: Blood of Kingu - De Occulta Philosophia
Blood of Kingu
De Occulta Philosophia

Label: Supernal Music
Year released: 2007
Duration: 28:16
Tracks: 9
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4.75/5

Review online: December 23, 2007
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
Readers Rating
De Occulta Philosophia

Rated 3.57/5 (71.43%) (21 Votes)

Wow. Just... wow. Blood of Kingu formed from the ashes of Hate Forest, a criminally under-rated Black Metal band from the Ukraine who I've always had a fondness for. Therefore, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I was going to enjoy this album too, but I had no idea that it would be quite to this extent. Over the years, Supernal Music have collected together some fine bands on their roster (the aforementioned Hate Forest, Drudkh, Kataxu, Sunwheel - most of which share members), but Blood of Kingu have stepped in and over-taken them all in my estimations, quite literally taking my breath away with the sheer visceral bite of their attack, and wholly authentic take on Sumerian/Egyptian Mythology.

From the very off, the album hits you square on the jaw with a wrecking-ball like punch and doesn't stop for the albums entire length , similar in a way to early Hate Forest, albeit with a finer ear for eeriness and an extended understanding of fantastic nuances in the riffage. Another noticeable change here is the new vocal style, in which Roman adopts a deep Shamanic drone which merely adds to the dark witchery which so effortlessly ebbs and flows from the album. There are also the occasional brief touches of traditional instruments in between tracks, but nothing that really tears you away from the brutal assault of the album for too long. The best thing about the album is the sheer unfathomable scale of darkness that comes from it, as it's literally like an evil, ancient spirit has been encrypted into digital format, and is unleashed when playing through your speakers, turning your room into the set of the final scenes of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for half an hour. Without all the melting Nazi faces, naturally.

If you're a fan of Black Metal, this album will undoubtedly kick your arse into next week as it did mine, so go seek it down before you accidentally manage to waste your money on half-assed corpse-painted wannabe band number 666 instead. There's no two ways about it, Blood of Kingu are the real deal. Hail to the Kingu Baby!!

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