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Review: Metalium - Nothing to Undo (Chapter Six)
Nothing to Undo (Chapter Six)

Label: Massacre Records
Year released: 2007
Duration: 44:02
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal

Rating: 0.5/5

Review online: February 18, 2008
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
Readers Rating
Nothing to Undo (Chapter Six)

Rated 4/5 (80%) (8 Votes)

This is textbook Heavy Metal; in essence exactly what you would not want a non-metal listening friend to think your favorite genre was like, often coming off as embarrassing in its misguided, juvenile attempts at Heavy Metal exuberance. I have no problem with cheesiness and blatant Metal worship, but that is only when it's done with some tongue-in-cheek sensibility or genuine "take no prisoners" attitude - Saxon's Denim & Leather is quite a good example, positively overflowing with big, stomping riffs and enough attitude to tip the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Metalium have none of that, and all they do on this album is play Heavy Metal in the style of their (far superior) contemporaries (think Paragon, Grave Digger, older Mob Rules, Iron Savior, etc), but they don't seem to have a clue about anything beyond the surface aesthetics of the music. The crunchy, stadium-friendly riffs are there, and so are the juicy, galloping Power Metal solos, and the double bass drumming, and the high pitched wailing from behind the mic, but none of it ever sticks. This is all very lightweight, jokey, fake sounding stuff that comes off as if the band were just imitating the founders of the genre without actually doing any research on or caring about what made Metal so great in the first place - the dark mysticism of Black Sabbath, the sense of genuine adventure that Iron Maiden possessed, the rebellious stance of the 80s scene in general, all of that. Metalium, and indeed this album as well, are as shallow and fraudulent as it gets. Toys 'R Us Metal is what this is.

I must dedicate a whole paragraph to vocalist Henning Basse, who is by far the worst "True Metal" styled vocalist I've ever heard, boasting forth with an annoying sort of whine to his already incompetent wailing that makes me want to take the microphone from him and beat him mercilessly over the head until gumballs shoot out of his nostrils. He also can't sing a good vocal line to save his life, which is the other huge problem with the vocals here, as there are a total of 0 vocal lines that made me want to sing along on this album, and a total of 0 good vocal hooks that stuck with me after the album ended. Get a new vocalist, Metalium. And start writing good songs while you're at it.

This album's name is also false, as there is much that needs "undoing" on Nothing to Undo. This is more like slushy, lukewarm liquid than Metal, as last time I checked, Metal was supposed to have some actual firepower and memorability to it. Metalium is a silly, overblown joke of a band given more fame than they were ever worth, and I'm putting my foot down right here. The fact that this isn't nu metal isn't enough to save it from oblivion. This band sucks, this album is infuriating and terrible, and I can't recommend this to anyone unless you happen to enjoy lame Metal-Lite poser crap.

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