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Review: Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Chamber
Timeless Miracle
Into the Enchanted Chamber

Label: Massacre Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 64:34
Tracks: 12
Genre: Power Metal


Review online: March 27, 2008
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
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Rated 4.15/5 (83.08%) (13 Votes)

Oh wow, and we all thought Freedom Call was pushing it. Timeless Miracle is a Swedish Power Metal band, and for those who thought Rhapsody and Freedom Call were too happy and cheesy, well...they are going to HATE this album. However, with uninspired crap like Land of the Free II, The 8th Sin and Carved in Stone leading the Power Metal front these days, an album like this is a breath of fresh air.

Timeless Miracle play a style of metal somewhere in between Freedom Call, Gamma Ray and Iron Fire, while not sounding like an outright ripoff of any of them. The riffs are plentiful, and while they're not always great, they are present, and the music is not drowned underneath mindless synthesizers or orchestrations. I actually hear a bit of a Traditional Metal influence in here at times, on the galloping main riff of "Curse of the Werewolf" and especially the last minute or two of "The Red Rose." The vocals are nasal and reminiscent of the Italian school of Power Metal, and although the vocal melodies are also not always great, they at least work most of the time. The double bass drum goes full-speed ahead for the entire hour-long duration. The melodies are infectious, with the choruses being especially hard to shake off - all very happy, harmonized choruses in the style that Freedom Call had mastered so well in their early days. Say what you will about Timeless Miracle; that they're too gay, too boring, too excessive and unoriginal, but this is highly enjoyable music, and the melodies are the key point here, for Timeless Miracle knows how to write an ear-friendly and catchy melody, and then weave it seamlessly into a good song.

There are a couple weak tracks here, especially towards the end of the album, and the songwriting is a bit uneven, but how many Power Metal fans can seriously argue with stunning, show-stopping grandeur in the form of songs like stomping opener "Curse of the Werewolf," the majestic title track, the kinetic "The Red Rose" or especially the galloping "Down to the Gallows"? Into the Enchanted Chamber is a very promising debut of high-octane Power Metal, and I'd love to see Timeless Miracle tighten up the loose ends in their sound, because this band could very well produce a real Power Metal classic. I hear they have a new one coming out later this year, so that's all the more reason to acquaint yourself with this album in preparation for that. Highly recommended.

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