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Review: Medievil - Atruta

Label: Griffin Music
Year released: 2007
Duration: 59:21
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: April 3, 2008
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating

Rated 3.83/5 (76.67%) (6 Votes)

I'm really split on this one.  Atruta contains a good dose of evil-sounding, raw but mildly polished Black Metal with an overall very effective haunting, dark atmosphere - that's the good part.  On the other hand, there's an abuse of often annoying sound effects, some of which are of the "ear-piercing screechy" style (that's always bad), while the others give some songs a little too much of a electro-industrial vibe, albeit without fully going that way (save for a song or two where this sound is predominant, much to my despair.)  The vocals vary - from low BM screeches to a harsh throaty style that fits the passages polluted by various sound effects.  Needless to say, I prefer the former.  When they're not jerking around with gizmos, Medievil produce some great sounding atmospheric Black Metal that can compare with the best.  The material here varies in speed from very slow and heavy, to mid-paced, and there are a few moments where things really speed up, but never for long.  All this speed variation often goes on within a single song, giving some of them a little "roller coaster vibe".  I'm split half and half on this, since the more traditional Black Metal parts sound so great - they "have it", but the mood is completely thrown off because of the sound effects that never fail to pop up here and there in most songs.  People who don't mind this kind of stuff should definitely check this out, but if like me you're more of a "traditionalist", then approach with caution.

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