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Review: War for War - Kovy Odjinud
War for War
Kovy Odjinud

Label: Naga Productions
Year released: 2007
Duration: 52:05
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: April 18, 2008
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Kovy Odjinud

Rated 3.2/5 (64%) (10 Votes)

War for War is a one-man Black Metal outfit hailing from the Czech Republic.  The sole member is Lord Morbivod, who has played in Stiny Plamenu and a few other Black Metal bands. The lyrics are all sung in his native language, mostly a harsh and raw raspy style of vocals that's quite audible and even though I don't speak the language, I'd say this is clear enough for the lyrics to be decipherable pretty easily.  Somehow at times the vocal melodies reminded me a little of early Rammstein, just with a harsher style.  The whole native language thing fits the music like a glove: This Black Metal has a little folk-ish thing going, greatly enhanced by the language.  Kovy Odjinud is beyond catchy in terms of Black Metal, blending the darkness and rawness you expect from the genre with a very healthy dose of Thrash and Heavy Metal, and after only a listen or two, many of the guitar melodies are bound to stuck in one's head, and even more so when paired up with the vocals.  Even when I wasn't listening to it, I still felt like the damn thing was still playing in my head and I couldn't shake it off.  Keyboards are used but rather sparingly and to great effect, only haunting the background and complementing the other instruments.  The music is mid to more-or-less fast-paced overall, so those who don't like the "BM speedfest" style need not fear.

This might not be the "truest" Black Metal you will encounter, but it sure as hell is one of the catchiest.  Great compositions all over and no weak moments, Kovy Odjinud is one little piece of plastic that'll steal air time from other albums.

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