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Review: Orthrus - Tyrants of Deception
Tyrants of Deception

Year released: 2008
Duration: 30:18
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black/Thrash

Rating: 4/5

Review online: August 8, 2008
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Tyrants of Deception

Rated 3.4/5 (68%) (5 Votes)

Well, this sure kicks some ass.  I've been listening to Tyrants of Deception for several days, and overall it's quite addictive.  Nothing that hasn't been done before, but it just sounds good.  A mix of Black, Death and Thrash that marries aggression with melody, at times not without reminding me a little bit of God Dethroned at times.  The sound is a little bit polished, with just a little raw edge to it.  Blast beats are used, but low enough in the mix as to not be a turn off, but what really shines here are the guitars - lots of razor-sharp riffage mixed with quite a bit of screaming melodies.  This coupled with the thundering drums make for quite a devastating effect.  The vocals are low rasps, just above the whisper level - works great here.  High-speed crushing numbers meet more mid-paced songs that focus on a more controlled and focused dark atmosphere.  "Onward to Valhalla" is arguably the catchiest song here, thanks mostly to the fast drum beat that is purely and simply headbanging-inducing — the guitars and vocals just flow along, following the lead.

There are are couple of tracks that really feel out of place, such as the acoustic "Fields of Asphodel", which even includes a waterfall and some horses in the background.  In the middle of the musical onslaught, this just doesn't sound right.  The closer "Passing of the Storm" is a short atmospheric outro that doesn't sound as out of place as "Fields of Asphodel", but still feels a little weird after the kick-ass "Onward to Valhalla".  Recommended.

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