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Review: Slayer Magazine
Zine Review
Slayer Magazine
Author: Metalion
Issue #: 15
Year published: 2001


Web site:
Postal address:

PO Box 447
Price: US $8 World

Review online: July 3, 2001
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Slayer Magazine

Rated 5/5 (100%) (1 Vote)

One if not THE oldest metal zine, the latest issue of Slayer is 88 pages loaded with metal. In a format larger than most magazines out there, with a soft-rigid (whatever, I can't find the right word) cover and quality paper. The actual layout is of an older "amateurish" style, but in a good way - everything is clear and readable, but it doesn't look "corporate" if you will.

The issue is loaded with interviews with bands such as Morbid Angel, Slaughter(Canada), Carpathian Forest, The Haunted, Nevermore, Sadistik Execution, Thornspawn, Astarte, Overkill, Usurper, Destroyer 666, and more. Yes, more. Most interviews are at least two pages long. Of course there's a good number of reviews, mostly short except when an album really made an impression on him.

The magazine is oriented more toward Black Metal than the other genres, but it still covers the others, both in interviews and reviews. A good number of pictures are also included to complement the interviews, as well as some Arne Babb (mascot) drawings.

Issue #15 has a couple of inverted pages due to a printer error, but the corrections are available on the web site. Metalion's English is not perfect but is better than many English speakers' so that's not really a problem - the errors are minor and do not prevent the reader from understanding the meaning of the text.

At $8, you get a LOT MORE than your money's worth. Metalion is one the most knowledgeable metalheads around, and the interviews are conducted accordingly (of course there are a number of contributors to the magazine.) Not only should you order this issue, but you should inquire about getting whatever back issues are still available. That's what I did and it's one of the best metal purchase I've made. Buy this or forever be a poser!

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