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Classic Review: Tank - Honour & Blood
Honour & Blood

Label: High Vaultage Records
Year released: 1997
Originally released in: 1984
Duration: 47:14
Tracks: 8
Genre: Heavy Metal


Review online: March 20, 2002
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 4.45/5 (88.97%) (29 Votes)

Hehehe... Total 80s worship. While I like a lot of today's metal bands, the 80s bands captured a spirit, an honesty in their sound and attitude that is unique to that time period, which helped render that music timeless. The best of those years sounds as good today as it did back then. Tank is one such band who's music was uncompromising, unpretentious, easy-going and just downright enoyable music.

The music on this album is just down to earth heavy metal, as prevailed in the mid-80s. Sharp guitar riffs, catchy and extended guitar solos, tight playing and powerful drums (without resorting to artifices) just make you want to headbang and play air guitar while playing this album over and over. The guitar solos are a definitive highlight on this album, each flowing very well with the melody of the songs while adding their own twist. This may sound obvious but so many bands put solos in just for the sake of it rather than as a well thought-out addition to a song that I find it necessary to mention the quality of the work here.

The vocals are overall pretty good, although in a few instances they sounded a bit weak or forced - not enough to lose sleep over. The few choirs used in some songs can get annoying after a few listens, sometimes the guys sound like they're thinking "Oh no, I have to sing too?" and the result is so-so. Some will like, others won't. I found it pretty much depends on my mood. Either way, the lead vocalist does a damn good job and that's what counts the most.

"Honour & Blood", like many other albums released in that time period, still sounds like a fresh release today, almost 20 years after it came out. Fans of traditional heavy metal should definitely pick this up, and those less familiar with the genre should do themselves a favor and give it a try. The kind of album that doesn't end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Additional Information

- Originally released in 1984 by Roadrunner Records

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