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Review: Acid Speech - Corrosive Riot
Acid Speech
Corrosive Riot

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 18:33
Tracks: 5
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: January 5, 2009
Reviewed by: Daniel DGYDP Guerrero
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Rated 3.33/5 (66.67%) (9 Votes)

Getting this demo from the hands of Capaça from Violator ("if you like our music, buy this"), I had clear expectations: no-bullshit, no-nonsense, pissed-off Thrash Metal. That's exactly what I got, and exactly what you should go out and check out right now. More specifically, if you are looking for Thrash riffs to headbang to without any further complications, this is the place to be. Originality is nowhere to be found, but then again who cares about original Thrash Metal, right? Well ... I do ... but there's a time and place for both unique, innovating assemblies and one-two-three-Thrash/repeat-forever type of bands. In fact, the music is extremely similar to their Brazilian compatriots Violator, the only major differences being slower tempos and clearer vocals. The production is surprisingly tight for a demo, although not yet optimal. Give these guys a year or two, a professional producer and some money to survive, and they could compare to the current leaders of the Thrash revival.

For the time being though, the compositions don't yet reach the level of "awesome", albeit interesting and good. The apparent goals this band set for themselves are both their strength and their restriction. Simply put, they make great, competent, no-nonsense Thrash but that's also where it stops: if you simply want to headbang, then insert this in your CD player, but don't expect something unique or astonishing. That being said, most riffs are terrific and entertaining, in the vein of the lighter Thrash bands of the genre's recent reactivation. The same thing goes for the vocals, who are both aggressive and fairly clean. Overall; all good, except for a couple of things. My main complaint would be the solos, which are a bit too melodic compared to the rest of the music and generally not particularly interesting. Another thing is the sound of the snare drum, that -while not necessarily bad- could use some improvement.

The anti-corruption, fuck-the-government lyrics are a bit cliché, but that's not much of a problem since it feels as if these guys are genuinely pissed off about something. Last but not least, there is almost no bass guitar to be heard here. Perhaps the basslines are in fact appealing and well-done, but nobody can hear anyway since they are completely buried in the mix. Final conclusion: if you are in the mood for some no-nonsense Thrash metal, give this demo a shot, since the band show lots of potential and know how to make you headbang. On the other hand, don't bother with it if you are looking for something original or new. Recommended to those who like bands such as Fueled By Fire, Violator, and similar new Thrash groups on the more cleaner side of the heaviness spectrum.

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