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Review: Riotor - Fucking Metal
Fucking Metal

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 22:04
Tracks: 6
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: January 10, 2009
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Rated 4/5 (80%) (15 Votes)

Holy shit.  From the get-go, Fucking Metal smashes you in the face and then kicks you and tramples you until the very last second.  Hailing from Quebec City, Riotor play fucking Thrash Metal, bitches.  Alright, I can hear people whine "oh, another Thrash band... waaah!"  Well, Riotor belong to a different brand of Thrash than the current "revival" that the aforementioned whiny sluts bitch about on the Intardnet.  This is not your "party Thrash" or "clean Thrash" from the likes of Municipal Waste, Bonded By Blood, Evile or Fueled by Fire (nothing wrong with these, but stay with me.)  Riotor join the select club of more "violent", "brutal" and in-your-face Thrash - think Desaster, Deströyer 666, early Kreator, early Destruction, Vomitor, Vulcano... You know, the take-no-prisoner kind.

Fucking Metal may be short (albeit a good length for a demo), but it does a lot of aural damage in its 22 minute lifespan.  Aggressive, harsh vocals (can't help but think of early Desaster as a comparison) that make you think that the other band members are beating up the vocalist with their instruments to make him sound this pissed off.  The screams are agonizing, yet sound like the guy's in full attack mode.  Incidentally the music follows course, with guitar and drum work that's half way between the raw chaos of Slaughter (if you're thinking of the glam band, leave now you poser worm) and the slightly more disciplined musicianship of the aforementioned bands.  Don't expect any nice melodies, or some mid-paced stuff here - all the songs are speedy as fuck (OK, there are a few very short passages, but you never recover long enough to actually slow down the headbanging before the onslaught kicks in again) and heavy as fuck and will leave you with your head spinning.  I've been listening to this slab of "I've just been run over by a train" metal for a few weeks now and still can't find the right words to do it justice - this stuff needs to be heard, and make sure you turn that fucker up to 11.  Hopefully a sign of things to come from this young band.  The world needs a full-length from these guys.

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