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Review: Neuraxis - The Thin Line Between
The Thin Line Between

Label: Prosthetic Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 47:41
Tracks: 10
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


Review online: January 14, 2009
Reviewed by: Tony Augsburg
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Rated 3.17/5 (63.33%) (6 Votes)

My first introduction to the band was actually this album. The latest effort by Neuraxis is surely a great one; technicality is the spotlight for these Canadian musicians. What Neuraxis brings from their previous efforts is the ability to mix technicality while being melodic and chaotic. There sure are a large amount of bands that focus on one or the other, but not many have the tenacity to nail a sound that is unlike any other. The Thin Line Between would be a great introduction for someone who is currently in the process of learning the art of Death Metal. This is because of the bands ability to mix standard Death Metal playing, being chaotic, and also being melodic.

The album really is energetic and catchy. Not much Death Metal is actually catchy and good at the same time, but with the melodic side of the music it allows for slower parts where the guitar riffs stick out above other parts of the music; also the same can be said about the vocals. The album allows the listeners to rest their ears from time to time with the slowed down more melodic tracks, but as each track progresses it seems to get faster with blasting and chaotic chord progressions being played. One goal that seems to be apparent in a lot of Technical Death Metal is the musicians really like to show off their skills while making it memorable, also known as catchy.

Trying to draw comparisons from other bands to Neuraxis is nearly impossible; the only one I can really find is that Alex Leblanc sounds similar to Frank Mullen of Suffocation. Neuraxis really have made their own sound. I guess Canadian bands like to do this because other bands that have done such are Kataklysm, 3 Inches of Blood, Strapping Young Lad, and Cryptopsy (haha - not the latest album). All of these bands pioneered their own sound that either has not been replicated yet or no one has come even close to matching the sound.

What is different about this album from their previous efforts? One thing is that the previous albums seem to be a little bit more on the brutal side. The emphasis was not completely on technicality and remembrance. The songs back then seemed to have a little less structure than they do now as well. The skill level has increased; the type of playing has also changed. I have heard people complain at how this isn't the same Neuraxis they used to know and love, but since this was my introduction to the band I have no problem with the sound, obviously. I was just ranting and raving at how they have their own sound, but before this album they sounded a lot more like one of your normal everyday Death Metal bands that did focus on some technicality and being melodic but the jump in styles is a lot. Like I already said I cannot compare them to another band at this point in time with the style they are playing. Everything just seems to flow well and the band does not fit into a cliché that other technical or melodic Death Metal bands do. They allowed themselves to flow into a new style that I think will stick with the band until they decide to call it quits.

Overall the album still shows little room for improvement because of the creation of their own sound and the impressive show of craftsmanship, the only thing that is left to be desired is more music. The Thin Line Between is just under 50 minutes of music but seems to fly by because the album is memorable and there is not any filler to make it drag on. The perfect balance of intensity and being melodic brings this album, to a point where it is hard to top. With a band at the top of their game writing good songs and not just recording chaotic music that does have its appeal, they are combining those elements and they structure great songs. This album is well worth a listen by any Death Metal fan.

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