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Review: Cephalic Impurity - Perverted Surgical Concept
Cephalic Impurity
Perverted Surgical Concept

Label: Soulflesh Collector Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 28:14
Tracks: 9
Genre: Death/Grind


Review online: January 19, 2009
Reviewed by: Tony Augsburg
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Rated 3/5 (60%) (6 Votes)

There comes a line that bands cross that makes them good or unbearable. When a band has perfected the style they were going for it is harder to give them a low rating unless of course you do not like the music anyways. Cephalic Impurity simply uses all the elements of Death/Grind, they use blast beats, samples from movies or wherever the hell they are from, unintelligible vocals/lyrics, and breakdowns. Now what is the problem with this album then? It has all been heard before. With cliché breakdowns and the usually unbearable vocals that sound like a dying bullfrog, Cephalic Impurity miss the mark because it seems that from whoever they draw their influences from have influenced them too much to the point at where originality plays no part in the music making process.

Being a fan of quite a few brutal Death Metal and Death/Grind bands, there always seem to be the shit pile you could discard a band to or a golden shelf on which you keep the ones you praise. There are surely the other bands that you haven't decided yet if they are worthy of your time in the future, and Cephalic Impurity is one of those bands. Although lack of originality does not always make a band bad, Suffocation clones always come to mind, if you clone a good band usually your music will at least sound decent. But while perfecting the brutal Death/Grind style there is something lacking the music that leaves more to be imagined. The things I am complaining about can easily please other people though.

Perverted Surgical Concept is an album for beginners. If you want to hear what brutal Death/Grind is all about, feel free to check out this album. It highlights the higher guttural style of vocals that many enjoy; I am not the biggest fan of them but will bear it if the music is good. But since the music shows nearly no signs of originality with absolutely no single breakdown within the 28 minutes that I haven't heard before. Sometimes breakdowns can make or break a song, the ones hear definitely don't help their case.

One thing I do like about this band though is that they obviously had a direction they wanted to go with their music, and they basically nailed it. This makes me more inclined to listening to their future efforts; hopefully they got their heeby jeebies out of the way on the first album and will try to experiment a little bit on their next release. I am not suggesting that they get rid of any of their elements. But in order to utilize what they have they need to probably need to create new breakdowns or try to vary vocal delivery; it honestly does not even seem like he was trying to pronounce any words at all. As a matter of fact, while listening along with the music the vocals are going along with the beat being played at that point in time. I know this usually happens anyways; I guess I am just nitpicking now. The music seems to have no emotion behind it.

With that last statement I made, I know not all music needs to have emotion behind it to be good. A good majority of it, if you can tell that even if the band put effort into an album they may still fall short in some areas. This leads me to believe that with such a lack of originality the band lacked emotion as well. If you are not inspired enough to write material that is new or just a little different, chances are that the music will turn out to be displeasing to others. Now all this being said, with a new band they certainly can find their own identity on their next release. With the ability to recreate what a whole genre is really about, they have the ability to create or add something new to the genre they are in. I have not given up hope with just this release, but if the next album is more of the same there will probably be no way to the light at the top of the cave.

Oh, and the last track is seriously completely useless.

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