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Review: Freevil - Freevil Burning
Freevil Burning

Label: Nastified Productions
Year released: 2007
Duration: 44:06
Tracks: 10
Genre: Death/Thrash


Review online: January 30, 2009
Reviewed by: Jason Cominetto
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Rated 3.67/5 (73.33%) (6 Votes)

Though the album art may resonate with the aura of a grimy, poorly produced and shoddily played album, rest assured, Freevil sound quite polished on their only album so far, Freevil Burning. While their chops sound clean and the songs are full of aggression, the extent to which one will enjoy this album will differentiate from person to person.

The first track, "Deathblow," starts off with some sort of electronic keyboard part that immediately got me hooked. It sounds spacey and fits the speed and tone of the song perfectly and complements the other instruments magnificently, so I was pretty disappointed to find this keyboard missing from most of the other tracks. That's not saying the tracks were bad, but "Deathblow" has so much more depth than anything else on the album, and if the guys in Freevil decided to take the Melodic Death Metal route by emphasizing more on this instrument, then their music could be taken to greater heights. Needless to say, the first track killed, and was a good sign of things to come.

The second track, "Killing Spree" is another great one, but sadly does not emphasize as much on the melodic, futuristic, spacey aspect as the first track does. From here on, the album switches to a more Thrash sound, no longer emphasizing as much on a Melodic Death Metal sound (the keyboard does make some returns, none as prominent as on "Deathblow" though), and it sounds pretty good. The vocals complement the music greatly, and are more high pitched and screeching as opposed to low and guttural. Mique Flesh has a nice vocal tone that is recognizable among the swarm of other predictable and repetitive vocalists. The lyrics are also nice and brutal and fit Flesh's style of singing greatly.

The only problem with this album is the distinct lack of depth and uniqueness on many of the tracks. "Deathblow" should be checked out, as should "Killing Spree" and "Roadkill" (anyone looking for laughs should also listen to the accordion part at the end of "Live the Lie"). Only minor differences separate the other songs on the album, and depending on how much one is willing to get into Freevil Burning may affect how much one enjoys it. Overall it is a decent release, but those unwilling to dissect each track may not get as much out if it as they could.

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