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Review: Voice - Golden Signs
Golden Signs

Label: AFM Records
Year released: 2001
Duration: 59:37
Tracks: 10
Genre: Power Metal


Review online: April 5, 2002
Reviewed by: Pierre Bégin
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Rated 4/5 (80%) (15 Votes)

I just discovered this metal band from Germany. It’s Michel (who else?) (-; who introduced me to this great group. Golden Signs is the third Voice album and contains 10 songs (including a bonus track) and lasts about 1 hour. Voice can be seen has a mix of classic heavy metal with some power metal and a little touch of progressive elements (just a bit).

The thing that amazed me on this album is the vocals. Thommy Neuhierl does all vocals, voices and backing vocals. Usually, I’m more attracted by guitar things than any other instruments, but on this album, the vocals are amazing and present. There are great catchy choruses with lots of harmony on vocals, like for instance Golden Signs and The Old Brightness. The singer’s performance is outstanding and he impressed me a lot. Now I think I understand why the band is called Voice! (-:

The album kicks off with Golden Signs, a fast power metal tune that start with a German choir. Very efficient. Next is Days Of Trust. Listen to the incredible lively bridge that starts at 4:28. On My Way is another beautiful song with an excellent chorus with high vocals and two great lead guitars and some very good guitars harmony. Doubtful Times is a mid-tempo tune with once again an excellent operatic chorus and superb dynamic tempos and riff changes. Deadly Embrace has a very memorable melodic mellow chorus and contains some fast and furious verses. Without Compulsion contains a catchy and punchy chorus and some melodic guitar solos. The Old Brightness has a wide memorable chorus that I can’t shake from my head! (-: The Prediction (2001) is a re-edition of one of their first songs, which appeared on their very first album in 1998. Excellent mellow bridge near the end of the song.

The guitar leads are very good on this opus. Also, the keyboards are used very efficiently, not too present and very well placed (like Helloween does).

My favourite songs off the album are Days Of Trust, On My Way, Doubtful Times, Deadly Embrace, Without Compulsion and The Old Brightness. In fact, you’ll not find a boring song on this varied album. The weakest songs are the mellow The Last Dance and the bonus track about aliens, The Visitors.

This comprehensive album contains many details, space, dynamic and depth. It concentrates more on making good melodic heavy songs than on being heavy and hard as hell and losing some harmonies. Golden Signs is still on my playlist even after several spins and many weeks of listening. Without a doubt a must have for fans of melodic metal with good solid vocals.

Additional Information

- The last song on the copy reviewed is a limited edition bonus track

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