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Review: Enthrallment - Immerse Into Bloody Bliss
Immerse Into Bloody Bliss

Label: Metal Age Productions
Year released: 2008
Duration: 29:18
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: February 1, 2009
Reviewed by: Tony Augsburg
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Rated 2.5/5 (50%) (10 Votes)

I swear to God the Devil is within the album. I have always had a problem listening to bands labeled as Death/Grind blindly. Some bands seem to be labeled that when in reality they are Deathcore. This band is not mislabeled; they rehash old techniques and use of their own ideas and song structure to deliver a level of brutality that I always look for. Every instrument is represented equally; yes you can hear the bass, and this means that when you can hear everything the music usually sounds better.

The use of double bass and blast beats is in every song, but they don't seem to be there just for the sake of them being there. The drums do play a vital role in the sound of this band. With the chunky, heavy sound of the guitars and the low generic guttural vocals the band makes their sound somewhat unique. I think a lot of times when there are brutal Death bands they usually appeal to me because they are catchy. All of the songs on the album actually do stick in my mind. There are two different sounds in their songs; one is the fast-paced flesh-ripping Death Metal and the other is the slower groovier songs that still are heavy and crunching but really focus on being more or less "epic" to draw the listener in and demand headbanging.

One thing I will really praise this band for is they effectively use breakdowns; they don't reuse the cliché breakdowns that a lot of brutal Death and Deathcore bands use. When they do use breakdowns, it is more riff-oriented to not make the song drag out and give the little kiddies time to windmill.

The main song that draws me to repeat listens of this album is "Cane the Messiah With the Crook." This is the case because it is the one where they have a guest appearance from the Devil, not the one from the Stephen Lynch song. The song begins with them saying the title four times in a row and the rest of the song just kills. I just had to mention this one.

Enthrallment use elements of the genre to produce brutal, intense, groovy music. They are good songwriters and have focused their sound already. I will look forward to hearing any future releases this band has to offer.

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