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Review: Satanist - Sadomasochrist

Label: Negativity Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 40:)1
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: February 4, 2009
Reviewed by: Pagan Shadow
Readers Rating

Rated 1.28/5 (25.6%) (25 Votes)

Ok now, it's time to hide the children, because Satanist are no power crap pussies! This promo even came in with horned beast stickers and a cool shirt! I wish more underground labels could afford this type of promotion.

Satanist play true Alaskan Black Metal only. The cover art shows well their blasphemous vision. Inside though, and this is where we want to make sure that no children are around, is a small poster showing a naked (from chest down) nun peeing on the bible. Hardcore blasphemy! Cool! What about the band? Satanist is duo composed of Gilles de Rais (guitars, bass and drum programming) and Marquis de Sade (vocals, keyboards and electronics). Then, the music: blasphemous Black Metal of course! Not the typical psychedelic American style, and even if they use keyboards, it's not the symphonic style either. The drum programming is very well done; actually if they had not mentioned it, I would not have known. Their keyboards simply adds a dark ambience to their sound. Sometimes it takes on a spacey, even slightly psychedelic edge, without losing track of the main musical direction. Opener "The Seventh Litany of the Canon Docre" contains ambient keys, electronics and beastie vocals; a sick intro to their world. Track #4, "Tree of Death (the Averse Sefira)", really rules. Not only are the darkly ambient keyboards and bells used in the intro, but the great crushing riffs follow, as well as those always appreciated arpeggios. All of this resulting in you falling on your knees in awe! At the end, a couple more ambient pieces are found, and the closing track, "Ordo Templi Satanis", has a ritualistic feel with its spoken distorted parts.

Sadomasochrist is, as such, a good Black Metal release, bound to satisfy the fans with a taste and need for blasphemous and anti-christian type of philosophy.

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