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Review: Funeral In Heaven - Janaani Janmabhumisca Svargadapi Gariyasi
Funeral In Heaven
Janaani Janmabhumisca Svargadapi Gariyasi

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 9:18
Tracks: 1
Genre: Black Metal


Review online: March 6, 2009
Reviewed by: Caspian
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Rated 3.25/5 (65%) (4 Votes)

"Hela Black Metal", hailing from Sri Lanka? With a super long name? (a quick glance at their cricket team reveals that Sri Lankan enjoy their long winded and inaccessible words even more than the Finnish). Sounds like something that could be strange, fucked up and appealing. Some bizarre sitar playing? Some strange eastern influences? Who knows what's here!

...Or perhaps instead of some strange Sri Lankan hate, we're going to get some super cliché stuff! Yay!?. This is decent, yes, but nothing you haven't heard a million times before. Ulver/Burzum/Drudkh worship, all minor chords and forest-themed melancholy.

The usual signs are there as soon as you press play; the unnecessarily long wind 'n' field recording intro, the big, sad melodic riff that opens the song proper (complete with some very Ulver-like bass lines), lots of stuff in 3/4 time, a long clean break. There's a lot about it that's pretty well done - the vocals are relatively powerful, the riffs aren't hugely original but vary in tempo and time signature enough to keep you somewhat interested, while the heavy use of field recordings and dense, mid heavy guitar tone give it that sort of "stuck in a rain forest" vibe. That's clutching at straws really, but I guess you could say it sounds a bit more Sri Lankan and northern European.

Seeing as there's only 6 minutes of actual music there's not a lot to say about this. This band has some potential; here's hoping they get a bit stranger and perhaps bring in some weirder influences, because while it's not bad there's nothing really separating this from the million other tree-loving Burzum clones.

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