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Review: Wardeath - Confronto Bestial
Confronto Bestial

Label: Marquee Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 33:12
Tracks: 10
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: April 11, 2009
Reviewed by: Caspian
Readers Rating
Confronto Bestial

Rated 3.67/5 (73.33%) (3 Votes)

Having heard sweet FA of Thrash, this album sounds pretty unique to me. I imagine the sloppy, tremelo heavy riffing style is ripped off some early Kreator/Destruction or what have you, but I'll leave the comparisons to people who, unlike me, actually know their Thrash metal. This is pretty damn cool, though! As far as I can tell this is a pretty modern release, so these guys get massive bonus points for not going down the typically ironic, '86 lovin' party Thrash road. It's fast, fierce and raw as all hell, also with heaps of mistakes, which just adds to the enjoyment. Other bands: take a lesson from these guys and stop abusing ProTools

The thought of playing these songs makes my wrist hurt - not solely from wanking off to them, either. Constant 16th note abuse at a fairly brisk tempo, drumming that offers no quarter in its double time snare abuse, little in the way of slower sections; it's just this huge mess of unhinged thrashing. At a guess, I'd say these guys are from a South American country; perhaps it's the cocaine that makes dudes down there go so mental. The amount of energy is just off the hook! It sounds like everyone got a tab sheet with the riffs and then had a race to see who could finish the first. Either that, or the drummer got nervous, played his parts really fast, and no one else wanted to wuss out.

There are a lot of dudes out there who always go on about Dark Angel's Darkness Descends being the ultimate in brutal headbanging glory. I like DD a fair bit but this is better, I think; definitely less riffs and less catchy (and DD was hardly stacked with hooks), hell, probably not even as fast, but just way rawer, with much better production (bit of treble on this record) and again, way more energy. Vocalist sounds way more pissed, too. Perhaps it's just that he's 'singing' in Portuguese, I dunno. Every song is just this blistering wall of sound, every member in the band pouring every ounce of energy and bile into these short, relatively simple compositions. Seeing this live would be a real incendiary experience.

More so than anything else I've ever heard, it's the energy that carries this album. The riffs are decent but hardly the most groundbreaking things ever, sounding a bit like Dark Angel mixed (probably) with a bunch of other particularly early brutal Thrash bands. It's not perfect and those looking for carefully orchestrated, progressive Thrash won't be down with these Brazilian dudes. Still! For those looking for something that makes Reign in Blood sound like Load, I would recommend you get this.

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