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Review: Vomepotro - Liturgy of Dissection
Liturgy of Dissection

Label: Sevared Records
Year released: 2009
Duration: 36:52
Tracks: 11
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: April 29, 2009
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
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Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (5 Votes)

Vomepotro are a Brazillian Death Metal band proving that not everything has to sound like crap these days. They might not be the most original band ever, but they actually do some pretty cool shit on this sophomore effort of theirs. Now, I have not heard this band's debut album, but judging by this album, it can't be that bad at all! Liturgy of Dissection sounds a bit basic at first, with fast tempos and gurgly Cookie Monster-ish vocals; a pretty standard Death Metal template that would probably turn off most fans of the cleaner genres like Power or Prog Metal no matter how much they'd like to appreciate this genre - I do not like these vocals much myself; they are rather unappealing and even sort of irritating, but I guess they fit the genre and there isn't too much to really complain about. The shitty drum sound is inexcusable though, this is just annoying.

Plus, we also have great stuff on here, like the songwriting. I don't listen to a whole lot of bands like this, but I do really dig the aggressive, crunchy Death Metal riffing that flows underneath everything here like a river under a bridge. The guitars just never stop churning out killer shit on this album, with every song having a virtual whirlwind of riffing madness that will bring a smile to any seasoned Death Metal listener, right from the opening barrage of "Incorruption." This band doesn't fuck around with silly intros, they just kick right into the meat - well, after a short movie quote at least. "Cephalic Fast Food," "Buried in Collective Grave" and "Assassin Psychopath" all have kickass riffs that come at you like a fucking bullet train. The intensity level is always high and the aggression here is really good. Vomepotro have a very promising future if they can keep doing stuff like this.

Another interesting thing about this is the leads and the solos, which sound very much inspired by modern technical Death Metal - a strange choice, but it works. Just check out the awesomely layered "Defaced by Pestilence" or the blistering "Horror Humanufacture." These songs just have great solo sections, complex, melodic and furious all at the same time. This whole album is like a pot luck of extreme metal influences that ends up sounding very unique to these ears, so if you're looking for a new and promising band to tide you over until the next Morbid Angel album comes out, picking up Vomepotro's Liturgy of Dissection would not be a bad idea.

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