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Review: Edguy - Show in Quebec City on May 25, 2002
Show in Quebec City on May 25, 2002
Venue: Le Centre François-Charron
City: Quebec City, Canada

Show date: May 25, 2002
Guests: Forgotten Tales and a tribute to Blind Guardian

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: June 6, 2002
Reviewed by: Pierre Bégin
Readers Rating
Show in Quebec City on May 25, 2002

Rated 3.25/5 (65%) (4 Votes)

I attended a great power metal evening with Edguy at Le Centre François-Charron in Quebec City (Canada). It was a sold out venue (even though no local media mentioned this show) that welcomed for the first time the German power metal gods. Outside, it was cold and windy but inside the venue it was very hot and humid.

As opening acts for Edguy, there was a Blind Guardian cover band and a local band called Forgotten Tales. The first band played for about 45 minutes, all songs from the Blind Guardian repertoire, especially the older and very fast ones. Forgotten Tales played for about 90 minutes and their set incorporated all the songs off their only album "The Promise" along with some cover tunes to complete their set. As usual, the band was tight and delivered a very good performance. The charismatic female performer Sonia talked a lot with the audience and reached all the high-pitched vocals. Both bands received a very good response from the crowd.

Enter finally Edguy with the "Mandrake" intro. They hit the stage with the fast-paced "Fallen Angels" followed by the excellent album-opener "Tears Of A Mandrake". They played for about 2 hours and chose songs off their last 3 albums, "Mandrake", "Theater Of Salvation" and "Vain Glory Opera". For me, the highlights of the set were "Tears Of A Mandrake", "Painting On The Wall", "The Pharaoh", extended with a good mellow bass lead in the middle and "How Many Miles". Felix Bohnke also did a good drum solo near the end of the gig, followed by the lyrically-fun song related to the drummer, "Save Us Now".

For the encore, the band played a generous 3 songs. They even played a song off Avantasia the side-project of singer Tobias Sammet. They finished the encore with 2 excellent songs off "Vain Glory Opera": "Out Of Control" and "Until We Rise Again", an unexpected last tune, not included on the original set list. Luckily they played it; this is my favourite Edguy song to this day!

The sound was good overall, loud and crisp. Edguy were very comfortable and confident on stage. They are very tight together as a band. They know how to interact very well with the crowd, especially the lead singer Tobias Sammet. The young band often extends the chorus of a song and asks the crowd to sing along with them. Every time, the fans reacted really well and loud. Tobias and the rest of the band seemed really surprised and enjoyed the overreaction of the crowd. He even said a couple of times: "unbelievable!" He was also joking a lot on stage. His presence and his tone of voice remind me (and not only me) (-: a lot of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and that’s a compliment!

All in all, it was an excellent power metal evening and a very important gig for this kind of music here. Edguy promised to come back to the noisy crowd. This is the first time they played in North America. With this evening, Quebec City metal fans proved that there is a public for intelligent metal music here in this continent and Edguy proved that they are a great and entertaining German band to see and hear live! Two thumbs up!

Edguy playlist:

1. Mandrake intro
2. Fallen Angels
3. Tears Of A Mandrake
4. Babylon
5. Land Of A Miracle
6. Painting On The Wall
7. The Headless Game
8. The Pharaoh
9. Fairytale
10. Vain Glory Opera
11. Drum Solo
12. Save Us Now
13. How Many Miles


14. Avantasia
15. Out Of Control
16. Until We Rise Again

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