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Review: Fenriz' Red Planet/Nattefrost - Engangsgrill
Fenriz' Red Planet

Label: Indie Recordings
Year released: 2009
Duration: 39:13
Tracks: 8
Genre: Doom/Black


Review online: July 17, 2009
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
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Rated 2.33/5 (46.67%) (15 Votes)

Well, when I heard that Fenriz and Nattefrost had teamed up to do a 'split' album consisting of old material, I was expecting something special, simply due to the fact it was ‘old' and 'unreleased'. However, once it gets started it soon becomes obvious why the material had remained unreleased for so long.

Fenriz' side consists of his own Doom project which apes the likes of Trouble, St Vitus, Pentagram and of course, Sabbath. Some of the riffs are OK, but it's the vocals that really ruin this for me. For those who are aware of his latest 'singing' abilities on the most recent couple of Darkthrone albums, you get a weirder, Bobby Liebling-esque style of the same. Admittedly, sometimes it sounds awesome, but most of the other time it just plain sucks. The best part about this side of the split is the guitar tone. It's great, with a nice hairy fuzz sound to it to tickle your eardrums into submission.

Nattefrost's side doesn't fare much better musically however. Naturally, I am a fan of his stuff with Carpathian Forest and his solo albums, but the quality of the material here makes it obvious that these tracks are mere offcuts. Harsh, blackened punkish chords reverberate throughout accompanied with Nattefrost's trademark screams, all without even so much as leaving a mark in your memory banks - even after a few listens.

I'm still wondering why they decided to name the split ‘Engangsgrill' too, which is Norwegian for one of those ‘single use' disposable barbeques. Some things are probably best left unquestioned. All in all, this really isn't so great. Even if you're the most ardent Fenriz or Nattefrost nut, you're not going to find much of long term interest here.

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