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Review: Saidian - Evercircle

Label: Blistering Records
Year released: 2009
Duration: 56:04
Tracks: 10
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 3.75/5

Review online: August 3, 2009
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
Readers Rating

Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (15 Votes)

I mean seriously, could it get any more obvious what this band was trying to do? If you thought Pagan's Mind were just trying to grab the attention of horny teenagers with God's Equation, just get a load of this. They don't even try to do anything with her; she's just standing there in full frontal view on the cover, completely naked and looking about seventeen years old. I think there are some questions here that need to be answered (like, do this girl's parents know what she was doing instead of working at Subway like she does every other day?). But anyway, yeah, this is Saidian's Evercircle.

The basic formula here is a rather Edguy-ish blend of saccharine Power Metal and synth-heavy hard rock music, making for an attitude-filled and lighthearted romp through a gallery of shimmering hooks and speedy double bass runs. The vocalist is really good, with a melodic voice and a lot of range to boot, and his vocal lines are just superb, with excellently written choruses on every song on this thing. These choruses are so catchy that it seems like they were just written for the sole purpose of NEVER coming out of your head. I have to say, guys, between this and the cover, you're positively desperate for attention!

The music on here is kind of generic, but it's carried out with a lot of energy, so usually it doesn't matter that much. The production is great, with a really full, melodic and clear sound that adds a lot to the music, especially the keyboard sound - it's just great. The songs are a mixed bag, mostly being in the upper mid-paced range of tempo, with some that aren't as good as the others. Opener "Out of the Shadows" has an excellent chorus, but the rest of the song is only decent, and the Tokyo cover "Tokyo" is alright, too, but the real gems come later on: "Solomon's Dance," the poignant "Once In My Dreams," the kickass "Pale Moon Rider," the epic and kingly "Moonlight's Calling" and especially the hard rocking closer "Halos for Everyone," which is damn near worth the price of this whole album with its electric hook sensibility and perhaps the best vocal performance on the album.

There are a few songs here like "Sign in the Sky" and especially the dull "The Princess" that aren't as good, but really, when these guys are on, they're really on, and if they could write a whole album of songs as good as "Pale Moon Rider" and "Halos for Everyone," we'd be talking about a contender for Power Metal album of the year. Maybe next time, but Saidian's Evercircle is still a worthy purchase for the fiends of shameless melody and cheese amongst you. And that's no lie.

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