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Review: Neverdie - Phase 2: Revolution
Phase 2: Revolution

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 22:47
Tracks: 5
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 0.5/5

Review online: August 20, 2009
Reviewed by: Tony Augsburg
Readers Rating
Phase 2: Revolution

Rated 2/5 (40%) (1 Vote)

It's times like these that when I listen to a release I wonder if after the band is done recording their music they sit down and listen to it? The reason I wonder this is because there is absolutely no way Neverdie was listening to this EP and thinking to themselves, "Yea that sounds really good." It just isn't possible to do that. What genre is Neverdie; well according to the Metal-Archives they are Melodic Death Metal. I listen and I don't hear very many metal elements at all, it is by far more metal than most Deathcore but to even consider this Melodic Death is a farce. More like Progressive/Crap/Groove Metal. I imagine this band doesn't have many followers, many friends, many anything. This EP is so atrocious I can't say I like anything about it.

Let me try to explain why I can't bear this much longer. The vocals fucking blow, the guy can't sing worth a damn. He also can't scream, sounds more like a dying hyena. The guitars don't play any melodies, they try, but they don't. The drums, oh Christ, the drums are horrible. It would sound better if a baby was playing their own little toy drum set. What does the bass do? Who cares, it couldn't be much worse than the rest of the music and you can't hear it anyway. So what you have here is ultimately a band that can't play any of their instruments, they don't even have a decent vocalist, and I am still wondering how they thought this was good enough to release. Hold on here's a breakdown, ok lets jump everybody, throw your money at us we are SSEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW awesome!!!

Well I was starting my conclusion paragraph and the acoustic track started. I thought that if you did something that was acoustic it should at least showcase some unique guitar skills or good vocals. This band has none of that. Also what is the point of the bongo drums here? Wow and the worse song on here is 7:18.

Oh my god that was strenuous. I am still confused at the fact that this music was even recorded. What effect does this recording have on me? It allows me to not understand how bands can listen to their own music and think it is even remotely good when it isn't. I know I can't drive the nail any farther in, but I really don't get it. The only reasons I didn't give this a zero is because it can't possibly be as bad as Neoandertals and the fact that this was released even though it is hilariously bad.

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