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Review: Cerebral Incubation - Asphyxiating on Excrement
Cerebral Incubation
Asphyxiating on Excrement

Label: Soulflesh Collector Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 20:55
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: August 24, 2009
Reviewed by: Tony Augsburg
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Rated 3.47/5 (69.38%) (32 Votes)

Holy Pharaonic Circumcision Batman! Is what I think about this album. Well actually the band themselves gave me the phrase Pharaonic Circumcision as it is the second track title. Have you ever wondered which parts of the West Coast Brutal Death Metal scene is complete horseshit? It's whatever part Cerebral Incubation is in. I must say that the album cover is surely interesting, not sure if that's what you would find on a beach on the West Coast, but if you can find it, this band probably came from there.

So what we have here is a band with bullfrog vocals, a bunch of chugging, and horrible, horrible intros. Some bands just should not use intros from movies or whatever else. This band is one of them, absolutely nothing is added to the music. Well frankly it is better than the music and that isn't saying much. I cannot say I enjoy anything that is on this recording. Riffs that are in every other Slam Brutal Death band that come before them, shitty intros only suitable for Skinless, and even for them they are bad. I can picture what Cerebral Incubation's fans would look like; probably gym shorts and flat billed hats crooked on their head, also wearing their best basketball replica jersey. Not only do they look retarded but their actions are even stupider, they do the hand-bouncing thing and probably skipping about the pit area as if they were gay kangaroos or something.

This is horrible Brutal Death Metal. Just as bad as Neoandertals, at least they had an interesting concept that failed miserably. Cerebral Incubation has done absolutely nothing new, they haven't revolutionized the genre, nor have they actually done anything good. This is one release to stay away from. Nothing here is even intimidating, it is all just childish and anyone who knows how to chug and play one string on a guitar could play this garbage.

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