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Review: Extreme O.D. - This is the End
Extreme O.D.
This is the End

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 13:34
Tracks: 3
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 1/5

Review online: September 2, 2009
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
Readers Rating
This is the End

Rated 1.67/5 (33.33%) (6 Votes)

And so the world of metal continues to surprise me.

...If you think that somehow is a good thing, just remember that not every surprise is necessarily a good one. Extreme O.D. are a band that I can only really describe as being every metalhead's worst nightmare. It's kind of like listening to music that Freddy Krueger would make to torment metalheads in their sleep; it is that bad. But talking about it isn't enough for me to earn a meal writing for this site, so put on your goggles and let's wade through an ocean of shit.

This was apparently marketed as Death Metal, but that is just wrong. This is horrific dumb chunk groove "metal" that I swear the band wrote after taking a survey on the metal world. It probably went something like, "hey, what do you NOT want to hear in your music? Lifeless grooves, no energy, a lame production, dumb mellow sections that sound like something you'd hear in an elevator and ridiculously try-hard aggro-style vocals? OKAY! HERE WE GO TO RECORD!" God, this sucks. It's just extremely unenjoyable, containing nothing resembling positive entertainment. The production is really weak, with nothing that jumps out at you at all, and the playing is lazy as hell, sounding like the band recorded this stuff in between playing video games and eating chips on their couch. The vocals are just uninspired croaking and shouting, alternated on the last two songs with ear-aching -core whining for maximum annoyance, and the guitars are usually not doing anything even remotely associated with either metal or quality music. Idiotic puke-groove-fest crap, all of it.

If any of this sounds good to you, you don't belong on this site, reading or reviewing or whatever. The only reason this even gets a point is because it is so short that it doesn't really matter anyway. Don't listen to Extreme O.D., don't support this and don't even think about it.

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