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Review: Sigma Draconis/The True Endless/Blodulv/Malignance - De Vermiis Mysteriis
Sigma Draconis
The True Endless
De Vermiis Mysteriis

Label: Nocturnal Brights
Year released: 2005
Duration: 47:10
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: September 8, 2009
Reviewed by: Lars Christiansen
Readers Rating
De Vermiis Mysteriis

Rated 2.57/5 (51.43%) (7 Votes)

Well, after listening to this album a few times, I'm left with blackened frostbitten extremities such is the uber kvlt trueness of some of the bands displaying their musical wares here (I say some, as some are obviously on the road to selling out big time by – shock horror – having a website!). Larking around aside, this is a pretty mixed bag from the awesomely named ‘Nocturnal Brights Productions'. Four seemingly randomly picked grim Black Metal bands all lurking in the corners of the underground ready to squirt you with their murky creative juices.

Italians Sigma Draconis start the 4-way split off with all the frozen morbidity you'd expect in all its hissing low-fi glory. These guys are very much on the early Darkthrone trip, albeit a much more nihilistic hateful trip at terminal velocity. The True Endless try to mix up the tempos with their two tracks, the first a blast fest which serves as the shortest track on the split, and the second a crawling feast of gloomy pessimism with howling vocals. Blodulv were the only band on this split I was aware of beforehand, and possibly due to that fact, they really stand out as the best band here. Their smoldering, creeping sound flows with vast swathes of melancholy, with the strange disembodied vocal style adding an extra dimension when laid in comparison to a lot of the other bands in the underground Black Metal scene. Malignance's last two tracks have a really old school vibe about them, with blazing solos and thrashy Sodom-esque riffs mixed into their Black Metal. I'd say these guys take silver out of the four.

Whilst this split isn't going to set your world alight, it's still got some interesting material (the Blodulv and Malignance tracks). The other two bands you can pretty much pass by however, unless you just have to have every clone Black Metal band in your CD collection. Thus De Vermiis Mysteriis serves merely as a distraction.

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