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Review: Overthrow - Within Suffering
Within Suffering

Label: NHR Records
Year released: 2009
Originally released in: 1990
Duration: 73:18
Tracks: 21
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: September 24, 2009
Reviewed by: Brett Buckle
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Rated 4.31/5 (86.15%) (13 Votes)

Thrashing mad riffs, barked vocals, blistering 7 second leads, pounding drums and a shitload of 2-3 minute songs – that's what you get when you drop Overthrow's 1990 debut (and only) long player in your CD playing mechanism of choice. There is also a kind of "proto-Death" groove happening here as well as a noticeable hardcore influence that occasionally reminds me of Brutal Truth, and to a lesser degree bands like Obituary. This is a re-release from Northern Horde Records and includes not only the remastered original 9 tracks, but their 1989 six track demo "Bodily Domination" and 6 live tracks as well!

There is no fucking around here, this is old school, before samples, intros and atmospheric tomfoolery became popular, thus we are dropped straight into it with "Infected" and from there the pace never lets up. This is fast and furious riff-based Thrash and there are more than enough riffs to go around, and while they are maybe not particularly original they sure as fuck are well done. There is some catchy riffing and vocals as well as some great throwback group chant choruses, short, sharp and to the point! In a time when even the revival bands are trying to bring their sound into the naughties it is refreshing to be hit with these kinds of reissues of lesser known bands, and if you're anything like me, at the very least this will inspire you to go and crack out some of those albums you haven't heard for years. The demo tracks don't differ from the album versions as best as I can tell, apart from some awesome terrible production (that for some reason really adds to the charm rather than detracts from the songs). The live tracks are really raw and sound great although they are a straight rip from the sound board with only feint crowd sounds, but they sound really good, very tight and fast and are the highlight of this compilation displaying the band at what was probably the top of its game.

The downside to all this is that Within Suffering is a somewhat one-dimensional affair that sticks pretty much to the formula, and the fact we get each track two or three times doesn't help. Make no mistake, this really shreds in small doses, but when taken as a whole it is obvious that even if they kept going these guys were doomed to be underground (or who the fuck knows, probably they would have grown and expanded and made a name for themselves), as this is fairly background-ish. Given their general similarity to acts like Dark Angel, Kreator, (early) Anthrax, and the like, the question you need to answer is "why would I drop this in when I have dozens of 80's Thrash albums already, most of which are much better?" The answer is "you wouldn't", but for sure you could do a hell of a lot worse, and with all the bonus stuff on this disc it represents pretty damn good value for your dollaroonies. Fans of Thrash will not be disappointed.

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