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Review: MG66 - In the House of Liv
In the House of Liv

Label: Independent
Year released: 2008
Duration: 47:10
Tracks: 10
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 2.75/5

Review online: October 6, 2009
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
In the House of Liv

Rated 3.06/5 (61.11%) (18 Votes)

MG66 hail from Italy and play some light Thrash with a rock ??n' roll vibe and quite a bit of groove. This turned not to be as cool as I expected, though there's still a lot to like on this album. The sound is pretty good for an independent album – loud, clear and a little bit on the raw side. The album almost feels like two different bands are playing, and a good chunk of it isn't all that good. You get a good dose of the aforementioned "Thrash ??n' roll" which is pretty cool, and then you have a more… "simple"(?) style with very annoying shouted vocals and frankly the music turns into such a groove fest that it can't make up for it. It just feels like they went for a core-ish approach (thankfully not getting there, but that sound is bound to attract that crowd.)

The good stuff is more interesting – this album needs more of "My Strength", "In the House of Liv", "To the Core (Hate You…)" (this one is actually half and half, but still good), "Double Minded", "Dead End Railway" and "Living My Life" – with only these songs on, the album would probably be worth a solid 3.5 rating and still stand at a reasonable length. "Living My Life" has the most tame vocals here (for the most part), easing up pretty quietly in an almost country fashion, with vocals sounding a little bit like a mix of late 90s Hetfield and Bon Jovi (it's not nearly as bad as you could imagine from this description), but then the solo kicks in and the songs jumps into a fucking cool speedfest. All the aforementioned songs are pretty catchy, the kind of stuff that surely kills live or even playing at a house party – enough raw thrashy riffage to please the metalheads, but enough of a rock vibe to keep the others around as well.

So most of this is good, but ruined by a set of songs that really clash with the rest and make you wonder what the hell happened to the band (or simply "what the fuck were they thinking?") A bit of a disappointment, but should they stick to the good stuff on their next album, it'll sure be a killer one.

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