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Review: Domain - The Sixth Dimension
The Sixth Dimension

Label: Point Music
Year released: 2003
Duration: 61:42
Tracks: 12
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 3.75/5

Review online: January 6, 2010
Reviewed by: Bruce Dragonchaser
Readers Rating
The Sixth Dimension

Rated 3.11/5 (62.22%) (9 Votes)

Domain is one of those bands that seem to get very little attention despite being one of the most stalwart players in the European metal scene. With a string of albums under their belt it's a wonder more people haven't discovered them. The band have hit their stride with their latest effort (The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow), but all of their albums have something to offer, most notably, 2003's varied romp, The Sixth Dimension.

The first thing to hit you about this thing is that it sounds like nothing you've heard before. Band mastermind Axel Ritt really has his finger on the pulse, rallying his troops to take a little pinch of everything that's about. From the first track, it is immediately noticeable that Domain isn't your ordinary Power Metal band, and that's just fine, because if they were, this wouldn't be worth the plastic it comes in. Fortunately, Domain know what they are doing. In a single song – let's take "King's Tears" for example – we have kicking Hard Rock, Progressive Folk, catchy AOR, and Symphonic Power Metal. With a chorus that won't quit (it is possibly the happiest, most insane thing you've ever heard); it chops the testicles off most bands and hands them back with a smile. Similarly, tracks like "World Gone Crazy", "Young Hearts Can Fly", and the insanely catchy "Burning Red" – which puts modern day Helloween to shame – all defy expectations and take the listener in different directions. Frontman Carsten Schulz (of Evidence One fame) lays down some scorching vocal lines, some of the most infectious you'll ever hear - due in part to his Hard Rock background - and aforementioned guitarist Ritt is on fire, hashing out some truly bitching riffs and leads that'll make your ears melt.

The keys are nicely assorted and change when appropriate for the style, and in all, the album is a blast. The only snag is the production, which is big and busy-sounding, often over-coloring the music when, with so much going on, it needs to be brought down a peg. There is a lot to digest here – a bit too much at times – but this is solid proof that original Power Metal exists, and with any luck, Domain will one day receive the interest from the scene they so sorely deserve.

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