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Review: Slayer Magazine
Zine Review
Slayer Magazine
Author: Metalion
Issue #: 17
Year published: 2002


Web site:
Postal address:

PO Box 447
Price: US $7 World

Review online: September 9, 2002
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Slayer Magazine

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It's that time again - worship the almighty Slayer Magazine! Number 17, like its predecessor is 68 pages of metal, metal, METAL! I think Metalion was a bit rushed for time since I noticed a few words or letters missing here and there - but nothing so serious as to prevent an article from being comprehensible. ;) No Nifelheim interview?!?!?! Hell has frozen over! Alright, as usual, great contents in this issue, starting with Metalion's adventures "on tour" in Germany and Scandinavia - seems like he's been in a few strange places - great read. Interviews with Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Sadistik Exekution (Rok is fuckin' nuts!), an exclusive interview with Jon of Dissection about his upcoming release from prison at which time the band will get back in business, Goddess of Desire (nice pic! ;)), Razor, Omen, Frank Gosdzik (guitarist for Sodom, then Kreator), Manninnya Blade, Rev. Kriss Hades, Dew-Scented, 1349, Repulsion, Runemagick, a great interview with Exodus, Iron Angel (now THAT was a surprise!), Nuclear Assault, Occult, Hirax, Merciless, Sharon of Derketa, The Crown, Candlemass, Black Widow, Usurper and Deströyer 666.

There's a small article about the Inferno Festival and a tribute to Paul Baloff (R.I.P.) As usuall there's quite a bit of reviews, short and to the point, and showing that Metalion has had more than enough of power metal for the next 50 years. :) There's a lot of good pictures throughout the magazine (in black and white), and as usual, this is THE magazine to buy, even if you have to sell your little brother to get the money.

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