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Review: Pure Evil - Chapter III: Dedication
Pure Evil
Chapter III: Dedication

Label: Hammer of Hate Records
Year released: 2010
Duration: 39:23
Tracks: 10
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: April 12, 2010
Reviewed by: Nahsil
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Rated 2.75/5 (55%) (4 Votes)

Pure Evil, true to their name, play a rotten brand of Finnish death metal defined by vulgar, filthy riffing, coarse growls, and the kind of simplistic but atmospheric overall sound you'd expect from a band unimpressed by the Unique Leader death metal acts of today. This is a throwback to an era when Europe produced death metal for the express purpose of glorifying evil and paying homage to morbidity. Brandishing a downright disgusting guitar tone, a blunt machete of a force, which hacks and cleaves everything positive or uplifting in its path, these Finns present their occult ideology. The altar is set, the sacrifice proposed, all that's absent is warm, spilled blood, which the listener will provide, and the circle made whole. Making good use of flickering candlelight lead guitar, that bit of flame accentuating how truly dark the rest of the room is, Pure Evil know their craft well, are dedicated to it you could say.

Even without reading the lyrics, the stench and presence of absolute diabolic intent is clear. If Satan existed, he would likely find this album a fitting tribute. Draw a pentagram on your floor with red crayon, smear your body with fake corn syrup blood, find and arrest a pigeon, and you're halfway there; this album will complete the experience.

There are two ambient tracks, both consisting of static mixed with otherworldly sound effects and voices. Track nine, "Soulless," is the better of the two (the other being the intro), building from sounds of a static waterfall to a heretical summit of noise that sounds rightly vile before dropping back off to a conclusion of blissful mist.

It's certainly been done before, but authenticity of attitude gives Chapter III: Dedication its worth in a world of extreme metal saturation.

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