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Review: Motörhead - 25 & Alive: Boneshaker
25 & Alive: Boneshaker

Label: SPV
Year released: 2002
Duration: 158 min.

Rating: 4.95/5

Review online: October 14, 2002
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
25 & Alive: Boneshaker

Rated 4.86/5 (97.14%) (7 Votes)

What's the next best thing to a Motörhead show? A Motörhead show on DVD! This special 25-year anniversary show was recorded at the Brixton Academy in London in October 2000. It has been out in Europe for a while, but the North American version took its sweet little time to show up on these shores. The sole presence of these legendary rockers is usually enough to make the fans headbang to death, but for this special event, one hell of a stage lights setup was used, much more colorful and impressive than what the band uses on tour. The light effects behind Mikkey Dee are very well done, giving the impression that he's coming out of the light or something (er... well... check it out for yourself, this is not the best description.. :))

The show lasts nearly 2 hours and includes 23 songs. Some guest musicians make their appearance: Doro Pesch, Brian May, Fast Eddie Clarke and Whitfield Crane. The performance of "Born to Raise Hell" suffers a bit with the two guests, either they don't have much of a voice, or their microphone was too low (I suggest the latter...) - still a damn good rocking moment though. The band is very laid back, talking between songs as if they were in a bar just between friends. Whether they're just standing there or doing some stage antics, the stage presence of these guys cannot be denied - just pure rockers doing what they love best, and it's contagious because the crowd is nuts from beginning to end. All in all, an excellent show captured on film, something every Motörhead fan should own.

This DVD is quite loaded and there's still some areas I haven't explored (such as the hidden features - available on the label's web site). There's an interview that's a bit hard to follow because it is interrupted quite often by testimonies from other artists, but it's pretty cool anyway. There's a whole gallery of all the musicians that have played with Motörhead with a short description accompanying each photo, a very nice addition. Something that's quite unusual is the "Obscure releases gallery", where they show many Motörhead rarities, including the band's first vinyl limited to 600 copies. Something to make any fan salivate with envy. Surely some of the items there would cost a car payment or two nowadays.

Also included are the videos for "God Save the Queen" and "Sacrifice". You can get most of the other videos in the "Best of Motörhead" DVD. There's some other stuff on this DVD, but with what I've described so far, you should have stopped reading and gone to get the DVD by now. ;) Only one complaint: The menus are graphics that don't have much to do with what's behind them, so you have to select each one of them to eventually find what you're looking for. That's a tad annoying, although the hot chick that shows up when you choose a menu option kind of makes up for it. :)

So... hmmm... yeah.... Get this now!

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