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Review: Lacrimosa - Fassade

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year released: 2001
Tracks: 8
Genre: Gothic Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: October 18, 2002
Reviewed by: Steel Warrior
Readers Rating

Rated 4.75/5 (95%) (4 Votes)

For the first time, I will begin a review by stating the weak point of an album. I am doing it as personal therapy since Lacrimosa is one of my favourite bands, I can’t be 100% objective. On their seventh album called "Fassade", Lacrimosa presents their weakest album cover of their whole carrer. Cover artwork has been one of the keypoints for Lacrimosa's success, besides the fact that Tilo Wolff continues to demonstrate that he is one of the best composers in any musical genre. On "Fassade" (German word for façade) they have left behind that melancholic feel of all previous cover artworks. Evidently, "Fassade"’s artwork truly represents the album title, but where is the darkness and surealism of front covers like "Elodia"for example?

But once you begin listening to "Fassade", you will immediately forget about the poor artwork. Yes, because musically, I dare to say that with "Fassade" Lacrimosa has reached the pinnacle of perfection that they began to climb on previous albums "Inferno" and "Elodia". Also despite the critiques, Tilo has a unique voice that combined with the German lyrics makes Lacrimosa a listening experience of its own. And with Anne vocals interventions they make one of the strongest male/female vocal duets in the whole gothic metal scene.

Describing each track is almost impossible to do because on "Fassade" each single track is like a soundtrack. Or like a mix of multiple tracks joined together. You can hear and feel the mesmerizing piano passages, the crushing guitar sound, the tight drumming, and the melodies all together at the same time, but still separate. All in all along with Tilo’s vocals each track is a world of its own with its separate identity, but also a part of the "Fassade"’s totality.

How it is possible to have such contractions in Lacrimosa? Lacrimosa present the listener with a world of contradictions. Tilo Wolf on this disc shows his show-writing genius . He can compose from very dark and obscure gothic passages, up to Metallica-type metal riffing. It is amazing how he can weave intense light stained with darkness, so much love based on hate, so much heat intermixed with coldness, so much joy filled with sorrow. Yes, because Lacrimosa presents an ocean of tears of happiness. If your heart has the urge of this mixed sets of feelings, Lacrimosa will fill both sides of your soul: from the biggest expressions of satisfaction and joy to the deepest and darkest sad realms of your inner self.

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