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Review: Unrestrained! Magazine
Zine Review
Unrestrained! Magazine
Author: Adam Wasylyk (Editor)
Issue #: 20
Year published: 2002


Web site:
Postal address:

c/o Adam Wasylyk

5625 Glen Erin Drive Unit #57
Mississauga, Ontario
L5M - 6V2
Price: C$3.99 Canada / ??? Elsewhere

Review online: November 17, 2002
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud

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Unrestrained! Magazine

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Another issue of what is arguably the best Canadian metal magazine available - and I'm not saying that because there's an ad for this site in that issue. :) While covering a number of "big name" bands, Unrestrained! tries to focus on the underground. They had so much stuff this time that editor Adam Wasylyk points readers to their web site for additional content (the Unrestrained! web site was recently redesigned and holds a hell of a lot of info, so check it out…)

Once again, lots of bands covered in this issue, including Napalm Death (feature article), Meshuggah (I don't like them but the interview is a good read), Agalloch, Dark Tranquillity, Kataklysm, Ritual Carnage (Japanese with an American frontman), Origin, Deströyer 666 (worship!!! Plus these guys aren't afraid of speaking up their mind), Hate Eternal, Void Of Silence, Somnus (good band from Cleveland), Necrophobic, Shroud Of Despondency (US Black Metal - sort of - see the review of their debut on this site), Brave, Into Eternity, Isis, Omnium Gatherum, Floor, The Mushroom River Band, Impaled, Unquintessence (their latest release seems to have scared Adrian… I guess I've grown immune to "scary" music ;)), Anodyne, Maelström, Mourning Beloveth (I think they screwed up the title here, it says Mournful Beloveth), Lunaris, Blood of Christ (a band from Southern Ontario that's been getting more and more attention in the last couple of years), Hate, King's Evil, Shade Empire, Aesma Daeva, The Gathering (I'm not sure they still belong in a metal mag but anyway…), Council of the Fallen, Beseech, Myrkskog, Sentenced, Eidolon (another up and coming Canadian band) and Cattle Decapitation. I usually skip the hardcore section, but found my ad in there (very funny, Adrian!) so I at least looked at a quarter page this time. :)

The usual are there: Album reviews, show reviews, indie band reviews, zine reviews, and the Kevi-Metal rimshots (and this time I actually found some to be funny - hehe.) Very good, professional layout job, as always.

You'll find lots of "no names" covered and reviewed in this magazine, and that alone should be a reason to pick it up. Good bands aren't all on the cover of magazines, people! Oh yeah, they now accept Paypal payment, so ordering single issues or subscription is even easier now.

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