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Review: Salem - CD-ROM

Label: System Shock
Year released: 2002
Tracks: 3
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: November 30, 2002
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating

Rated 4.33/5 (86.67%) (3 Votes)

This is the first time I review a band's CD-ROM, but then again, it's the first time I ever get one! :) This CD-ROM from Israeli death metallers Salem contains three videos in MPEG format and a gallery with some artwork and band pics. The first video is for the song "Broken Yet United" and is a collection of live footage, backstage stuff, fans at a Salem show, well, you know the drill. Simple but effective. I found the image (often in slow-motion) didn't really fit with the music, which was much faster. Still, quite watchable. I prefer this kind of video over some crap filming that have nothing to do with the song, something we see way too often. The second video, and best of the three, is for the song "Act Of War". As some of you know, Salem is an Israeli band. The video shows a Palestinian suicide-bomber getting ready to do his deed, and some of the lyrics are also shown on the screen during the video. Quite a passionate subject being treated here, and the song+video combination is quite excellent and carries the message well. The last video is for the song "Al Taster", another concept video that's quite effective, although I didn't get all the lyrics (sorry, but growling vocals just aren't easy to decipher! :)) My guess, seeing that it shows a woman at a grave in a cemetary and also shows some Nazi soldiers is that it is somewhat related to the Holocaust. Very well done, and just like the video for "Act Of War", it carries well the intensity and emotion of the underlying song.

The image quality is superb, even for the live footage stuff. Also worth noting is that the image remains of very good quality even when watched in full-screen mode (some MPEGs look like crap when maximized like that), so you don't have to settle just for a little square on your computer monitor when watching the videos. I wasn't expecting such quality videos to come on that CD-ROM, so here's a two thumbs up to those who worked on that. It's great to see that some people are still able to make videos that aren't a product of the pop bullshit. I don't know if the CD-ROM can be obtained from the band, so contact them about it. Maybe your local metal video show (if you have one) will show them eventually, although the touchy subjects of the "Act of War" and "Al Taster" videos might scare some execs away... What else is new. Anyway, bottom line is, this is good stuff.

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