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Review: Stargazery - Eye on the Sky
Eye on the Sky

Label: Pure Legend Records
Year released: 2011
Duration: 43:48
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 2/5

Review online: April 25, 2011
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Eye on the Sky

Rated 3.83/5 (76.52%) (23 Votes)

Yet another band from Pete Ahonen, who I will refrain from making a joke about. This has been getting some buzz, which I find wholly unwarranted, as this is overly poppy and by the numbers Power Metal. It's a bit heavier than usual, but then Ahonen is a guitarist, so the strings get a bit of a boost over the keys, but not too much. The melodies are keyboard driven, the vocals are a sickeningly sweet glossy pop glaze complete with three-part harmonies and excessive backing vocals, and the lyrics are rubbish.

The songs range from passable to nauseating, with nausea winning by dint of volume: most of the songs on here are crap, such as the annoying opener and the awful ballad that follows it. Seriously? Track two is a ballad? That is just pathetic. There's a decent backup riff on "How Many Miles" but it's ruined by syrupy multi-tracked vocals and hideous keys wanking over it. This pattern is repeated all over the album, taking decent riffs and then burying them in pop shit. Don't let the sharp, crunchy guitar sound fool you - Ahonen is a professional, of course the guitar sound is cool. This is music much more informed by the sounds of pop music mixed in with some crappy, third-rate Hammerfall imitation than anything to do with real metal. "Judah the Lion" is the only song that stands out here as out-and-out good, with strong vocal lines and some heavy riffs. Even the overdone production job can't ruin this one, and it shows what this album could have been.

Overall this is an album that has a lot of surface gloss but no substance, like a store-bought cake it looks good on top, but is just a bunch of cheap crap that doesn't taste good for more than a few bites. Shit like this could destroy Power Metal, if it hasn't already.

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