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Review: Tierra Santa - Legendario
Tierra Santa

Label: Locomotive Music
Year released: 2002
Duration: 42:34
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 5/5

Review online: January 17, 2003
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating

Rated 3.86/5 (77.14%) (7 Votes)

I have to start out by saying I really don’t know much about this band other than they are from Spain and if I am not mistaken they have 4 full-length albums out. I could be wrong about the total of their albums but these are all I could find on the net for sale after I went and tried to buy their entire back catalogue. This is the first album from them that I bought and if you ever have the resources to buy this album as well I am sure you will end up picking up anything else from them you can find as I did.

As I mentioned before the band is from Spain so I also have to mention all the lyrics are also in Spanish but don’t let that minor fact stop you from buying this album. I have no clue to what the hell they are singing about either but the music is just so damn good I could really give a shit less. This band is heavily steeped in the classic pure metal sound that Priest and Maiden made popular in the early to mid eighties. The Iron maiden influence is especially noticeable… Hell at times I think they may be doing covers of Maiden songs the sound and songwriting style is so close. Don’t get me wrong this is not some second rate Maiden… These guys have some very serious talent. The area that this reminds me the most is the bass work and song structure. The bass sound is clearly Maiden influenced and very up front in the mix so it is very noticeable. The song structure has killer riffs throughout with some excellent melody lines played over the top here and there to add a serious kick in the ass (Think "The Duelist" from Maiden’s "Powerslave" album). The vocals are clean and extremely well done as well as showing some very nice control. This album just kicks ass from the beginning to the end.

Overall if I were to say that I was a little surprised I would be understating the fact big time. I picked this album to review since it was the first that I bought but you really can't go wrong with any of their albums as I have found out all of them are kick ass releases. I am sure this band would be much larger in the scope of the metalhead mind if it weren’t for the language barrier but that aside you really should give this album a chance… At the very least try and find some MP3’s and listen to a few songs… I can guarantee if you are into the classic pure metal sound at all you will be rushing in some orders. HAIL TIERRA SANTA.

HIGHLIGHTS – The whole album kicks ass from beginning to end!!!


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